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Miami Smile Design has a sum of procedures that will allow us to achieve a symmetry, balance and harmony to the previous dental aesthetics.


What is Smile Design in Miami?

This treatment is performed in 4 key steps, which will provide you with the correct dental alignment. A factor that will make your smile more harmonious, giving you the satisfaction you have always sought; in addition to other relevant aspects for your oral health, such as better chewing. Smile Design

Smile design Miami consists mainly of taking x-rays and intra-oral and extraoral photographs through a powerful scanner; handled by experts at RC Dental Clinic in charge of providing you with the best state-of-the-art technology.

Then, with the help of advanced software, we will proceed to the digital design, with which your ideal smile can be projected, and later, a 3D model or model with the measures adjusted to your oral area can be elaborated.

This sample of your teeth will allow you to know how it feels to have a smile adapted to your requirements and needs. Without a doubt, you will have a unique experience.

Why is it ideal to have a smile design?

There are several reasons, it all depends on your personal goals, which can be easily achieved with the help of this procedure. If you want to get a job promotion or improve your aesthetics, it will give you more confidence and focus in your search. Smile Design

Did you know that a smile design will make you laugh a lot more, as well as reduce stress considerably?

A study from the University of Kansas, published on the APS website, highlights this factor as a panacea for the stressful events in our lives. However, you decide why to do it, since this decision is very personal.

Did you know that a smile design will make you laugh a lot more, as well as reduce stress considerably?

Smile design in Miami is not a treatment to be taken lightly, it is about achieving what you want, but also about feeling confident, self-confident and empowered, thanks to the technology developed by the best dental experts.

At RC Dental Clinic we work every day for demanding clients who deserve only the best. We have advanced dental plans designed for each profile; thinking of all the needs and special cases that will improve your life to a great extent.

Choose well from our wide variety of excellent alternatives or consult with us. We are able to offer you a fast, efficient and comfortable response for you, because we understand what you want and what works best.

RC Dental Clinic only offers you responsible dentistry and exclusive state-of-the-art treatments, with cost and financing plans according to your ability. If your question is how much does a smile design in Miami cost? Make your appointment and change your life in a positive way.

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