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Emergency dentist near me

Are you in pain? Do you need an emergency dentist?

Emergency dentist near me. Dental emergencies can include toothache¬†and dental injuries like¬†missing teeth, because they’ve been knocked our during sport. Other dental emergencies can include¬†fractured teeth, fillings or facial swelling.

Emergency dentist near me

New Patient Offer: Exam & X-ray

With a comprehensive¬†Exam &¬† X-Rays Check-Up, you’ll get:

  • A full dental examination and standard x-rays*
  • Reassurance that you’re keeping your teeth and gums healthy

Plus, Dr. Cabrera will be able to check carefully for any other problem areas and even possible signs of oral cancer. 

Prevention is better than cure, and usually cheaper. When you stay on top of your oral health, you can save money and greatly reduce your risk of needing major dental treatments in the future.

Dental injuries

Some dental emergencies are more common than others. Losing a tooth is one of the most common dental emergencies and can often happen in an accident or sporting injury. You could be eating hard food and¬†chip or break a tooth¬†and need emergency dental treatment. It’s also common to suffer trauma to your mouth in an accident and need emergency care. Some other common dental injury emergencies include:

Common emergency symptoms

Dental emergencies can be so painful and inconvenient. They often happen without warning and all of a sudden cause you a lot of stress. In some situations, you might not experience any pain, but you will still need emergency treatment. It’s always important to take notice of any unusual symptoms in your mouth. The most common signs of a dental emergency are:

  • Toothache¬†or sudden tooth pain
  • Swelling around your jaw or mouth

In any dental emergency, you should book in to see a dentist as soon as possible.

¬ŅHave questions?

The price of emergency dental treatment will depend on the type of your dental emergency and how difficult it is to treat. In some cases treatment may be rather straightforward and treatment such as a filling may be used to treat the injury. In other situations, more comprehensive treatment may be needed to help treat your dental emergency. Dr. Cabrera will be able to give you an idea of the cost of treatment at your first appointment.

If you’re suffering from¬†toothache¬†from a dental injury you should visit a dentist as soon as you can. If you can‚Äôt get in to see a dentist immediately after the accident or injury there are ways you can help manage the pain. Using pain relief medication will help to ease the pain. Using cold compresses and ice to bring down the swelling will also help manage pain. If you need book an appointment online simply select emergency as the reason for your appointment.

Regardless of how damaged the tooth is, you should seek dental advice immediately. Then reposition the tooth if you can, using very light finger pressure, and hold it in place with a moist tissue or gauze. Try to find any broken or chipped away pieces and rinse them with milk to remove any dirt. If you can’t find the missing piece of tooth, contact your dentist immediately. Depending on how damaged the tooth Dr Cabrera dentist may be able to repair it.

En nuestra clínica dental en Miami

Contamos con un equipo de especialistas para realizar la Emergencias dentales, estamos a tu disposición para resolver dudas sobre todo tipo de emergencias, realizar diagnósticos y ofrecerte los mejores consejos sobre prevención.

Si estás interesado en conocer más información, en Rc Dental Clinic estaremos encantados de atenderte y explicarte detalladamente en qué consiste este tratamiento de odontología general.

Si estás buscando una solución definitiva, nosotros somos tu mejor opción, aparta tu cita para un examen dental, https://www.rcdentalclinics.com/contact/

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